A Trifecta at the 2017 Placer County Fair!

Greetings Everyone! Thanks for taking the time and checking out my blog.

I won First Place, Best of Division, and Best of Show for the “Elite Aetheric Wave Disruptor Rifle Mark -I“. I am so stoked! Go to the fair and check it out for yourself. The 2017 Placer County Fair runs from June 22-25.

You can also click the link above to see how I made it.


Elite Aetheric Wave Disruptor Rifle Mark I


Well ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce that I have finished my work on the Elite Aetheric Wave Disruptor Rifle Mark – I, and will deliver it to the Placer County Fairgrounds tomorrow for participation in the 2017 Placer County Fair which runs from June 22 – 25.

With all the problems and roadblocks I ran into while doing this project, I’m surprised it turned out so awesome!

The rifle stock itself is a Remington 700 SPS Varmint that was graciously given to me for free from the nice people over at the Rocklin Armory when I told them about wanting to make a Steampunk Rifle.

The rifle electronics runs off of 4 “D-Cell” batteries in the main power box, this powers the green LEDs in the Aetheric Coil Tubes, and the vibration motor mounted along the barrel of the rifle.

For more info check out this page.