Wooden Magic Boxes

For nearIy 15 years played a Collectable Card Game called Magic: The Gathering. The game was fun but could be an expensive hobby. I occasionally played at one of the local comic book stores, but more often than not I just played with my friends. With many of my friends moving away I didn’t play anymore.

One of the things I always thought was dumb was the fact that these people would carry their cards around in cheap cardboard boxes. As for myself, I decided to make a more sturdy box out of wood. It was basic box with a flip lid, in which I could put my favorite deck and sideboard. I recently gave one of these boxes to Fantasy Author Brandon Sanderson at a signing for A Memory of Light, the final book of Robert Jordan’s phenomenal The Wheel of Time series.

At the time I worked for a Sign Shop designing and making ADA signage using a computer aided Router/Engraver. I could design artwork on the computer, then have the computer engrave the images onto the wood. I made over a dozen of these custom designed boxes and have sold many of them on eBay.

I’ve been asked several times about these boxes. Here are a few of the boxes that I made. Please note that these pictures were taken over 15 years ago, using the still image feature of a video camera, and are blurry. Enjoy!