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The 2018 Wand Collection from The Arcane Gearsmith


Now I give you one one truly unique picture, these are all of the wands that I have made this year (Since July). The Best ones I will enter into the 2019 Placer County Fair here in June (Along with what I make between now and then). I also plan on making a custom made display for them as well. Let me know what ones you think should be in the show. Thanks again everybody for your encouragement and support.


The Wand chooses the Wizard…

Greetings everyone!

I have been dabbling with “wand-craft” over the last few weeks, making my own custom wood wands.

Here are pictures of what I have been making, in the order made.

This was first wand I ever made. Is 12.75”. Made from scrap pine (is very light), stained with dark walnut, with metallic gold highlights (feels almost Egyptian to me), with a light polyurethane gloss coat.

Second wand is 13.25” made scrap pine and oak. The handle is again stained dark walnut, it is “worn” where the thumb sits were it nearly touches the wand. The wand is oak(?) natural with the rings with metallic gold highlight. Again a light coat of polyurethane.

My third wand 13 3/8” in length and the handle is made of one of my favorite exotic woods: Cocobolo. It has a good weight and feel the other 2 Wands are lacking. It has one very thin coat of polyurethane but it makes the cocobolo pop! I have glued real leather lace in the center of the handle, and wood burned the spiral grooves. The Wand is a simple oak (?).

I just finished this wand, it is sort of inspired by dual bladed Light Sabres. I imagine the wizard with this wand likes flipping it in his fingers, like I do. 🙂

Roughly 13 7/8” in length. The wand handle is African Padauk, with a simple wood burned triangle pattern, and the wand(s) are make of oak. The wands are opposites of each other. One is concave the other more convex. The wand is coated in a thin layer of polyurethane.

That is it for now, but I have more designs coming…!