Arcane Gearsmith launches Amazing Microfiction Podcast.

I am sorry for so few updates but there is a reason. Long term plans have finally come together and I am proud to present the launch of the Amazing Microfiction Podcast! Currently there are three episodes available with more on the way.


What is Amazing Microfiction about?

Amazing Microfiction, is a podcast focused on genre based micro-fiction (meaning Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mysteries, and Adventure stories, just to name a few). Every other week I will select stories from my own genre based micro-fiction and read those stories to to you like they were audiobooks.

But what is micro-fiction?

Well, Microfiction generally refers to short stories between 50 and approximately 300 words in length, there is some debate over this, but for this podcast, I will keep each of my selections under 300 words.

Here is some of our promotional copy for some info:

New adventures await you just beyond the horizon.

Fantasy. Science Fiction. Mysteries. Brought to you in “Micro” sized portions, for your listening enjoyment.

By using a highly advanced deployment of electronic multi-media distribution services via data pulse compression and the most revolutionary form of analytical computation-centric mechanical devices, we can bring to you, the listener, an astounding audio-phonic experience to delight the senses.

This “podcast” as it has been called, will feature genre based micro-fiction written by fantasy author Michael C. Miller.


I am so happy to finally let you know about the podcast! Please check it out and let us know what you think!

– Michael

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