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Brandon Sanderson Signing and Other Stuff…

Well Hello Everyone! I know that I’ve been away from the site for a while, but it’s been busy around here!

After basking in the glory of the Kaladin Kickstarter Miracle, I began making some fan art designs based on my favorite fantasy book THE WAY OF KINGS by Brandon Sanderson. I began posting them on Facebook, in some of the Brandon Sanderson Fan Pages and got a huge response! Here is just a small sampling of the artwork that I have done. I use a couple of vector illustration programs on my Mac and iPad Pro (mine is last years model though, Ha!), Vectornator on the iPad and Affinity Designer on the Mac.

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Well the upshot is that I got the attention of the Kaladin Kickstarter founders and was asked to have some of my artwork put into the Kaladin Artbook! So the result is that I have been toiling in my free hours on new designs that are so awesome, that they are SECRET until the Artbook is released! Hazah!

And if YOU missed out on the Kickstarter Campign you can still check out Kaladin: The Soundtrack and Artbook and order a copy. But just incase you need more info…

BackerKit_1Well, after all the designing I did manage to get to Borderlands Books in San Francisco for the Brandon Sanderson signing for OATHBRINGER on November 15th! Ok, by manage it, I meant that I’d been planning it for months (got the day off of work and everything!). Man the place was hopping! Here are a few pictures from the event! I even found Kaladin and Syl!

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I was also able to get video of Brandon’s Lecture, Q & A, and Reading, all recorded in HD on my iPhone 7 Plus… You can watch all three of them by clicking on the links above! Just remember that my arm was leaning against a magazine rack for over an hour, and there are people moving around… but the stabily was great, thanks Apple! If you are intrested there is video of the ARCANUM UNBOUNDED signing last year at Borderland Books as well (4 videos in total). Before I forget I want to give a big thank you to Borderlands Books for hosting the signing and for their patience with the crowds!

Man, thats alot to take in one sitting but I know you can handle ONE more item of interest. Most of you know I’m a fan of all kinds of games, and that I have a new found fondness for the Steampunk genre. But what if I could combine the two? You might get this concept of mine…


Well it is still in development but I’ll let you know more if there is more! Thank you for stopping by and checking out the site!


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